The Light Show: On Radio

I have started a new Radio Show: a little unusual, as it is held Monthly rather than weekly for example. The Light Show is significant for two very important reasons. 1. It is deep Light Holding work, inviting everyone who choose Light to join us in Holding Light without agenda (no focus on specific aspects of distortion) other than Holding Light for Humanity and for the Self. 2. It is set up on Radio so that it is available for everyone who chooses to join in. This One Hour Show is used to Hold the Light of God through the Soul and Heart of each individual for Humanity, for the Individual, for Earth, for Nature, for the Fae, for All That Is. The Holding itself, in this gathering, is strength building for each person involved. In addition, through the Hour, I share consciousness and Light Alignments to take you deeper into Everything Light. There are Three shows already recorded, you can listen to them via this Link to the Show:
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