On this page is the links to recordings for the Priestess Calls. Each one is listed with a title, description and paypal button for $20AUD ($14USD). 

Select which recording you would like, order it via the Paypal button and (note the title down) follow through the process. The Paypal payment will then take you to the link and you can download from there. 

Her and Home

There is a Light Being in Form connected to Humanity, Earth and Beyond who is of Beyond. She is here to lead Humanity Home into Mastery. Her name has not been made available to Humanity as yet, it will come. 


Earth Heart Healer

In this process, Earth Herself will be doing some beautiful Heart healing on your Form, with support from the Sun. Enjoy this beautiful process. 


Chakra Clear Sphere

This deep, deep clearing of your chakras is particularly relevant in the current (Covid 19) conditions – where humanity is triggered and healing is required. $20AUD ($14USD)