These Personal, One-to-One sessions with Daniella are focused on You. Your requirements, your conditions, your Ascension, Your Life. 

Soul Work, Technician Work, Homecoming Alignment and Recovery work. 

The work is deep. The Ascension is a deep and long journey of the Human Race. Your journey Home is both unique to you and at the same time Common to the entire Race. You must do the work to be a part of it, and by doing the work you are supporting the Human Race, as well as yourself. 

Ascension is not something that just, ‘Happens to you’, it requires your active participation, your developing skill and there are certain people who are here specifically to support you in that work. I am one of those people. 

Talk to me prior to booking your first session. Email or message me to make sure we can Tee up a suitable time for you and I to work together on Skype, teleconference or phone. 

Each session is $120AUD (76USD)