Our Community

For the past few years I have held the Priestesses of Light community (not always by that name) on Facebook. In recent times I have decided to transfer over to my own space, and so have opened a new Community Member Site: ConsciousnessCall.com – within that site is the ever private and gorgeous group, still titled The Priestesses of Light. It continues to be private and is comprised of Women gathering together in Lightwork discussion and sharing, support and alignment. 

To sign up, Follow This Link, set up your membership, then message me (Daniella Breen) at the site with a request to join the Priestesses of Light group. It’s all a free and respectful space. 

For many years I have held the space for online Communities of Light – The Shaman Goddess College and the Lightworkers Gathering were two examples from many years ago.  Just recently, I have opened a new one – Consciousness Call. 

A gathering place for Lightworkers to discuss Ascension, support and strengthen each other. A place where training is shared, consciousness is held and new awareness introduced. 

The Community is Free and is in it’s early days, but the unfolding design is wonderful. 

Join Here: https://ConsciousnessCall.com