The Light of Earth

The Light of Earth

Life thrives on Light and whilst our primary and most significant Light Source comes through our soul, there are other Light connections that are important to develop and maintain. One primary Light Alignment is Earth.

Earth is complex and multi-layered. There are a number of Light Paths that you can and should consciously develop and maintain with Her and I will share them now. 

Nature Woman – whether you relate to it or not, you are a part of nature. Nature is a well developed light system that loves to give and receive. Spend regular  time in nature just ‘being in the light’. Open your chakras and imagine the light that is everywhere, flowing into your Form via your chakras. 

Earth Herself – She is known by many names. Her true name is yet to be revealed. She is Light from Beyond and her Light is available to receive and develop with. Just knowing that Earth is Sacred and Female, is the first step to Communing with Her. 

Crystalline Grid System – Did you know that you have a crystaline Heart? As a part of your Heart System, your crystaline heart is beautiful and accesses an aspect of Humanity and Earth that is less commonly understood. It is a part of the crystaline Earth system and when you are actively present with your Crystaline Heart and bring your awareness (which may begin with your imagination), to the Crystaline Earth Grid – the flow will develop with time and expand you in ways beyond your imagining. 

So, here are three distinct, beautiful Pathways of Earth Light to spend time cultivating. This is a part of Self Mastery. In honour, Daniella Breen. 

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