About Daniella and Our Community

My name is Daniella Breen. I live in Tasmania, Australia and I have been mentoring, training and healing Lightworkers around the world since 1997.  Since early days, one consistent aspect of my practice has been Sacred Women’s work, Women’s Circles and in more recent times the developing Women’s Community – The Gathering of Her. 

The Gathering of Her

This gathering of women, who identify as Priestesses of Light, is a community in growth. As more women come to realise the benefits and wonderful strengths of  the Communion of Female Lightworkers both as support, recognition, understanding, sharing information, and also as a Force of Light for the World, Humanity, Earth, nature, the animal realm and Fae. 

We are a Force of Light and we have purpose in that Force. There is a place for each individual’s unique and beautiful expressions of Light, there is a place for the pathways and actions of Light common to many of us. 

Further, at this time in history, new information, training, tools, streams of Light, Streams of Consciousness and more are being made available. I am making this work available in training, alignment work and consciousness sharing. 

How Is This Community Structured?

This Website

This website is the Hub. It is where all information and pathways to everything connected to our Community is held and shared.  Articles, training, newsletter sign up, Links to Gatherings and more. 

Facebook Group: Priestesses of Light

A private group that requires invitation. If you know someone already in the group, ask them to invite you in (there’s a button in the group for that).  Otherwise, head over to my personal page: https://www.facebook.com/daniella.breen and request friendship. Then let me know that you would like to join the Priestesses of Light Group. I will ‘friend’ you and invite you in myself. 


To receive up-to-date and sometimes time sensitive reports of what’s happening, what’s coming up soon, special offers, great training and group work, and even a gift from time-to-time, sign up here

The Priestess Community is a private tier of a much greater community that I have been holding for many years for the greater Ascension/Lightworker Community. Head over to my other website to see what the Consciousness Call Community is about. 

If you are a Dedicated Priestess of Light, then please, join us as we gather together. 

In Honour, Daniella Breen