Priestesses of Light

Are you a Priestess of Light? A Priestess of Light is a woman who honours Light and works (or wants to work) in some of the many pathways of Light such as:

  • Healing,
  • Form Work (Chakra and field work); 
  • Planetary Work,
  • Generating Form,
  • and more.

My name is Daniella Breen. I have been training and mentoring Priestesses of Light since 1997. This website is the hub of my Priestess community, ‘Priestesses of Light’. The Community has over 100 members in our Facebook group. I hold weekly Priestess Call, twice monthly Advanced Psychic Training Program,  Personal Sessions, articles, inbox courses in subjects such as Empaths Life Skills, Inner Sanctuary Development and more. You don’t have to do this on your own, this community supports you. 

To get started, I recommend:

  1. Signing up for my Ezine, it’s free, offers great, exclusive deals, and you receive the Inner Sanctuary course and
  2. Joining the Facebook community, head over to Facebook and sign in to my public page:
  3. Subscribe to my Youtube channel ConsciousnessCall
  4. Finally, Follow me on Twitter and receive my daily tweets. 

Signing up to these flows of my Light Sharing will keep you in the loop and provide you with a deeper look into who I am and what I do. 

In honour, Daniella. 


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